Why data centres use access flooring solutions

Why do data centres use access flooring? To further understand why it is necessary, one must first get to grips with what a data centre is. A data centre is a facility that is used mostly for the storage of computers and computer systems. Sometimes a data centre will also have telecom equipment present in it. Data centres come from the times when computers where first invested. The centres were made very big because there were lots of big parts that all of the cables had to connect to and lots of parts to store. These were very complex systems. However as technology progressed, data services became geared toward providing a place to sore and operate internet servers from, as servers need certain environments in which to function properly. Temperature for one thing is very important in the maintenance of servers, and data centres can regulate their temperatures.

Lots of networks are also contained within the walls of data centres as well as different operating systems upon which a lot of companies operate. It is the job of the data centre to make sure that things like the internet are always running.

The design

Data centres are normally kept in one room of a building and they run services for that whole building. Because there are so many server devices, it is important that these centres use access floors.

An access floor is a floor that gets built on top of the original room floor and therefore creates a whole space for storage. This space is normally used for cables, as the cables need to be protected from people treading on them, but they also need to be kept in a space where they do not overheat. Because maintaining your server room is so incredibly important, you need to make sure that you have an access floor in there so that your technicians can also work safely.

One of the great things about access floors is the fact that you can lift up a certain section at a time, do work and then close it up again. There is no need to disrupt the whole floor, so this makes life very convenient for your server maintenance technicians.

In order to make sure that you minimize the static electricity in your data centre, you need to put anti-static mats on your access floor as well. Sparks flying in the presence of cables is never a good idea.

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