What you need to know about raised access flooring panel replacement

Having raised access flooring is a necessity for big businesses. Even the best raised access flooring will need to be given a little bit of TLC every now and then. This is what you need to know about raised access flooring panel replacement before you go ahead and make changes.

Replacing your access floor is fairly simple. Due to the way in which they are designed you do not have to go to the extent of replacing a whole floor. Access floors are made up of separate floor panels. Meaning that instead of replacing an entire floor you can simply replace the floor panel that is damaged. This will save you time and money. On top of this it is also, just as simple to replace the pedestal or stringer that is the support to the floor panel. In most cases it will not be necessary to do this, unless these items are also damaged. In general you can just replace the floor panel.

There have been many enhancements to access flooring. Even if you have an access floor installed already it may not have the most up to date technology. This might sound strange, but the truth of the matter is that access floors have had to evolve with the current demands. Many access floors are now being used in computer server rooms. They are used for two main reasons, to protect the cabling of the main frame computer and to decrease static within the room. This static is controlled by the access flooring which has been designed to incorporate anti-static mats. Static electricity can be a major problem, not only for the computer but also your employees. Static electricity can cause static shocks that may not cause permanent damage but can certainly hurt at the time. Replacing your floor panels to include this technology will save you time and money in the future.

Most companies will provide you with raised access flooring that can stand the test of time. Which often makes them a good investment. Accidents, however, do happen and damage can incur. Once in a while it may be necessary to change the floor panels. If this is the case for your business than knowing about technology such as anti-static mats will give you the edge.

Install an access floor today

If you do not already have an access floor in place at your business then you need to know about their many benefits. As mentioned, access floors will create a safer server room in your business. Computers require many cables to function properly as such they need to be placed down and secured properly. An access floor will provide the space to do this while providing an area that will create better air flow to keep them cool. Computers can often run into problems, an access floor will give you the opportunity to have access to the cables whenever you need.

These are only some of the reasons why you need to get an access floor installed today. For more information on access floors you need to speak to us at Penta Floor®. Visit our website www.pentafloor.co.za today, to find out what we can do for you.

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