The Ultimate Floor Access System

Pentafloor® is famous for providing people all over South Africa, and all over the world for that matter, with top quality floor access systems. What is raised flooring? What is a floor access system used for? Floor access systems are the ultimate electronic solution for your organisation. Access floors are flooring systems that place elevated tiles above the solid substructure of your current floor surface. These elevated tiles need to be properly supported in order to be weight bearing. The access systems are ideal for use in your server room and are a necessary part of server room flooring. They help to eliminate the chaos that is caused by disorganised wiring and make it easier for you to keep things neat, tidy and in good working order.

Another benefit of making use of a raised flooring system is the fact that it will improve safety. Having floor access models installed in places such as schools, offices and universities allows a greater consideration for the safety of others, particularly children, and, in the longer run, it will be a drastic saving for you on electrical maintenance costs.

Most commonly, electrical wiring is relayed through the wall of a building, and – usually, haphazardly – wiring for such as video equipment and computers simply runs across the floor. This can be dangerous, unattractive and confusing. If you own a business, this is definitely not a good thing for your clients to see. Thankfully, we at Pentafloor® provide you with an answer to your problems! Assess flooring for computer room flooring in South Africa provides a solution by making it possible for the wiring to run in the access floor space - that is the space between the actual floor and the raised floor. Should electrical components then need to be inspected or replaced, it is as easy as removing a tile from the appropriate area, instead of having to break into walls. It allows everything in your business to be a little bit neater and a little bit simpler in general! It does also, of course, go without saying that having the wiring run under the floor instead of across it is a much safer option for everybody involved!

Access Raised Flooring

Access raised flooring is an excellent solution for any server room, anywhere. It is not just established businesses that can make use of this quick fix. In fact, schools, universities and even home offices can benefit from having access raised flooring installed! When you rely on us here at Pentafloor®, you can have total peace of mind that you have access to the best access floors around!

For more information about this key essential, or to place an order for antistatic floor mats for your office this winter, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! These antistatic floor mats are perfect for avoiding those terrible static shocks. The best part? They are affordable and can be placed practically anywhere. Simply stand on them for a few seconds and VOILA. No more jolt!

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