Floor Access Systems

You may have heard the term floor access system before, you may also not have. Either way, it is definitely something that you should look at getting, especially if you own a business. We want to take the time to inform you about all of the benefits that come along with having one of these unique flooring systems in your home or your office. But first off, the question must be asked, what exactly is a floor access system?

Imagine this. You have a home office or study, or a server room in your office and there are cables everywhere. This can be classified as a health hazard, as people can trip over them. They say that every year, workers compensation for injuries obtained in the workplaces comes to over two hundred and twenty thousand rand a year. Imagine what you could do with that money. You could pay out decent salaries, use it to boost your advertising campaigns, put ti to any number of uses. That is, if your workers are kept safe and they do not have to deal with cables everywhere and the tripping hazards that they pose. The solution to the problem? Use the floor access system by Pentafloor. What it is, is a set of floor panels that are built over your existing floor. These panels are as stable as a second floor, but that can be reached or taken away if need be.

Getting a floor access system greatly increases the safety of your office, and also the aesthetic look of it as well, as there is nothing worse than a bunch of unsightly cables that are strewn all over the place. You also save a heck of a lot more space in rooms such as your server and copy rooms, simply by virtue of the fact that you are making space to store your cables efficiently.

One of the other reasons to get an access floor system is the fact that it protects your cables. Very often server and machine cables are very expensive and to have them damaged would cost you a lot in terms of replacement fees, so the best thing to do is simply to prevent anything from happening to them by installing the perfect access floor. The cables are also less likely to wear out their casings due to them being stepped on constantly. If a cable does need to be reared, all that you need to do is to lift the panel that it is under to look at it, without disturbing the rest of the walking floor space.

So what exactly does an access floor consist of? There are several parts;

  • A pedestal is the vertical, adjustable support structure that provides a solid base for access flooring systems of all kinds. These are stuck to the floor underneath as they are an essential part.
  • Floor panels. All the floor panels that we produce are designed to have a safety factor of 2.5 x Design load. This means that the floor should hold steady in the case of there being a lot of equipment on it.
  • A stringer is a horizontal part that keeps the floor panels together. It supplies extra support to the panels if they need to be extended to a greater height. It connects to the pedestal head, meaning that overall, the floor has got more reliable strength and support.

The beauty of this system is the fact that not only can you get top quality access flooring, but you also get a beautiful floor surface. Here at Pentafloor we care about aesthetics and we understand that in your workspace you cannot have floors that look terrible, so we have endeavoured to meet the demand for beautiful floors by making sure that all of our floors that are raised, have got surfaces that are not unlike the ones you may find in any ordinary space.
The access flooring system was designed so that you could discreetly hide unsightly cables, therefore we have created replicas of many different types of surfaces, for our floor panels, so that no one will know the difference.

So come to Pentafloor today if you would like a great solution to your cable problems.
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