The Computer Room Flooring Solution

Welcome to Pentafloor® – and welcome to the solution for your computer room flooring. We would, given a moment of your time, love to tell you about the cost effective electrical wiring solution for your office, computer room, server room or call centre.
Here you will find the solution to all the wiring and routing problems in your computer room. Flooring is, quite simply, the answer! To be more precise access raised flooring is the solution!
What is raised flooring used for? This type of flooring in general is widely used in modern office buildings – and particularly in specialised areas – such as command centres, IT data centres and computer rooms where there is a requirement to route mechanical services and cables, wiring, and electrical supply. What are access floors exactly? A raised floor/access floor typically refers to a type of solid, supported floor structure that relays electrical wiring underneath the surface floor – as opposed to the costly process of having the wiring run through the walls or the dangerous practice of having it run across the floor. Our flooring for your electrical wiring is constructed of a welded structural steel assembly, designed to accommodate ultimate and dynamic loads. Its specially formulated cement fill and powder coated epoxy finish give the FS panel a quiet and very solid feel underfoot. Our extensive range of panels and under-structure systems have been designed to ensure that there is a solution for your particular requirement. This electrical flooring solution is suitable for computer room flooring and most particularly for server room flooring, as well as for a variety of other organisational needs and requirements.

More About Our Raised Flooring System

Our raised flooring system is cheaper, more durable and more convenient than any other solution on the market. At Pentafloor® we believe that access floors are the future of flooring! More than that, it is the electrical solution that solves a number of problems. Over 500 000 square meters of our access flooring is produced and installed all over the globe annually – in countries including South Africa, Spain, Dubai, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our products are produced in an ISO 9001 certified production facility. This means that there are strict quality controls on all components, to ensure our product meets the highest international standards at all times. Our main priority is to please our clients, so we ensure a high strength raised flooring system in an effort to be able to guarantee our clients the finest access floors in South Africa.
For more about our flooring solutions – including antistatic floor mats for electrical hubs, flooring for offices and computer rooms, floor mats for receptions and entrances and eco-friendly flooring in your business – please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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