The Best Flooring For Your Home or Business

Welcome to Pentafloor®, where we provide the best flooring for your home, business or office. We bring affordable flooring solutions – including eco-friendly options – to you! Our innovative and affordable range of flooring for specific use and purpose, as well our solutions for flooring in general, will meet all your flooring needs and requirements.
Pentafloor® is the largest access flooring company in South Africa and on the continent. Our strategic alliances with our manufacturing channel guarantees that we can deliver a cost effective superior solution to all your flooring requirements. Our experts have applied their individual experience and expertise into the design and manufacture of our unique patented products. This means you can know for certain that you are not only purchasing the highest quality flooring for your home or business, but also the most technologically advanced manufactured flooring products. That makes Pentafloor® the ultimate solution, especially for durability when it comes to business and office flooring.

Access Raised Flooring

Here at Pentafloor®, we specialise in access raised flooring, and can also offer you a range of antistatic floor mats for the office. Whether it is computer room flooring, general office flooring or reception flooring you are looking for, we can help! When it comes to server room flooring and floor access systems, we are the true professionals in South Africa. If you are still asking yourself ‘What is raised flooring?’, wonder no more, because at Pentafloor® would be delighted to tell you all about access raised flooring and the benefits of a raised flooring system for your business.
Floor access solutions and access floors designs from Pentafloor® cut costs. How? Our team does this by means of utilizing underground space by means of an Underfloor Service Distribution network consisting of:

  • Underfloor Modular Wiring and Cabling
  • And an Underfloor Air System

Amazing Underfloor Service Distribution Network from Pentafloor® provides a cost effective solution to all conventional building design difficulties, such as the fact that running wiring and cabling in walls and furniture is a rigid and expensive exercise. No matter your requirements and needs, we will do our level best to satisfy them.
Our floor access system’s modular ‘plug and play’ connectors provide point of use termination, so that only terminals that will be used are installed. Thus, we not only save time on the installation process, we also save you quite a bit on costs. Rigid, fixed ductwork requires slow, labour-intensive installation –which is why we do our best to avoid this when handling the floor access system of your office.
For more about our flooring solutions – including flooring for offices and computer rooms, floor mats for receptions and entrances and eco-friendly flooring for your home or business – please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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