The applications of an access floor

What is an access floor? It is one of the best tools that you can use for keeping your environment clean and safe. The reason that it does this is the fact that an access floor is a floor that is built on top of another floor that has a lot of cables or objects on it. This means that you are no longer at risk of tripping over a whole lot of cables that are in the way. An access floor can be constructed out of any type of material, meaning that it can look any way that you would like it to. You can have a stylish safety floor, no matter what. So where can you find access floors? Knowing where to find them is one of the best things that you can do, so that you can determine whether or not you need them:

  • Server rooms – this is perhaps one of the key places to have your access floor installed, simply because there are always so many cables lying around, all of which are incredibly valuable and  can sometimes be fragile. If they get stepped on all the time the covering could wear thin, leaving them exposed. You could also fall pretty badly in a server room doing maintenance.
  • Auditoriums – since auditoriums are often open to the public, it is essential that they look spotless, despite whatever sound and lighting cables there may be. So having an access floor to hide the mess would be perfect.
  • School computer rooms – where there are children around, safety is of the utmost importance. Having cables lying around would be considered to be unsafe, and would need to be covered with an extra floor.
  • Laboratories - if you are working in a laboratory that has got a lot of fragile equipment in it, the last thing that you need are cables that pose a tripping hazard. Bear in mind that situations like these can lead to the loss of valuable equipment.
  • Reception areas – reception areas need to look neat and be safe, all the time. An access floor will ensure that the area is kept safe and that anything unwanted is hidden from all clients who walk in there.
  • Banks - if you work in a bank, you know that you are under constant threat of being robbed. If you have an access floor, you can at least keep your cables hidden, meaning that there is less of a chance that you will get tied up during such an incident and be unable to do anything.

As you can see, the access flooring supplied by Pentafloor is incredibly valuable to almost every type of environment. One of the major benefits of having an access floor is that it provides you with a brand new floor, so you could actually get the type of floor that you always wanted, for no extra cost. Every floor grants you floor access, meaning that if you need to do repairs on the floor or on the cables underneath, you can simply lift any one of the planks and do what needs to be done. A floor with floor access is so much better and more convenient than an ordinary floor.
The floor system that is generated by us is a raised floor that can be built on top of your existing floor. You might think that this will make it weaker, but it is every bit as strong as a normal floor, meaning that you can put all of the necessary equipment on top of it and rest assured that nothing will happen to the floor. The stabilising mechanisms in the access floor are especially strong, meaning that they will hold up any amount of weight that they need to.

So if you feel that your office space is cluttered beyond what you are used to, or are willing to accept, then you need to give Pentafloor a call today, and we will give you access to our premium range of false floor system. Clean up your world with a beautiful, shiny access floor.
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