The Advantages of a False Floor System

There are so many advantages to installing a false floor system. The only question you might have is what exactly is a false floor system? Well quite simply it does what it “says on the box”. It provides you with a false floor, it is a floor that is raised and is often used to hide cables. Here at Pentafloor, we are the only South African company that can provide you with comprehensive false floor systems.

We are known for providing the best access floor in the country, because we acquired the Dohn Solidfeel manufacturing plant in Wadeville in 2012. Due to this we are able to provide you with cost effective solutions to whatever access floor you require. All of our designs are unique and we make sure that our floor access products meet the highest international standards at all times. Which means you can guarantee that your business is not only getting the best flooring in South Africa but all over the world.

There are many advantages of having a floor raised in your business or home. By raising your floor you can make room to store some essential items. This may include cabling but also machinery. For example if you want to use underfloor heating than you may find that you have an access floor to protect the machinery that is embedded under the raised flooring.  With raised flooring you will be able to have easy access to this machinery and subsequently will be able to get them serviced easier when and if the time comes.

So how exactly does an access floor work?

If you are interested in installing an access floor in your office or home then you are probably wondering how exactly it works. Now that you know what it does, it is important to understand what the flooring consists of. In order to successfully install one of our access floors we have to have all of the following components:

  • A floor panel: This may seem obvious but it is of course essential to the flooring. Here at Pentafloor we have made sure that all of our floor panels are designed and built to a minimum safety factor of 2.5 x design load. This prevents failure that could lead to injury or massive equipment damage.
  • A pedestal: The pedestal is required to create the space between the top floor and the bottom floor. They are the vertical, adjustable support structure that provides the base of all access flooring systems. The pedestals are generally stuck to the floor using a specific kind of adhesive.
  • A stringer: The stringer is the horizontal part of the access floors that keeps the pedestals together. The stringer is known for connecting to the pedestal head and is used in order to supply extra reliable lateral support at greater floor height and/or in order to increase the structural performance of the raised floor system in general. The stringer is basically there to make sure that the floor access system is sturdier and therefore more durable.

We have made sure to hire a team of expects that know exactly how to install this very unique flooring. When you hire us to do your floor installation, we will make sure to do the installation as quickly as possible.

Perfect flooring for property developers

If you are in the property development industry and are in the process of building a new development then you may want to consider access flooring as your flooring option.

Firstly, with access flooring you will automatically save and improve on space, which is extremely important when space can often be limited in new developments.
Secondly, you will be able to protect your cables and wires. These can be extremely sensitive and if not handled correctly can easily become damaged. If the wires and cables do get damaged you may be putting yourself in danger in regards to getting shocked. Basically, using access flooring will help you to keep all of your cables and wires organised and safe.

When you are looking for flooring that is not only practical but also visually appealing then you need to come to us at Pentafloor. We have the expertise as well as affordable prices that will keep you satisfied. So get in contact with us today for all of your flooring solutions.
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