The Access Floor Components

In general, any access floor design has three main components. These components come together in order to provide the client with an access floor that is durable, reliable and that can offer the client excellent value for their money. Here at Pentafloor®, we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting the intricate design of our floor access systems. As a result of this, we have quickly become the access flooring specialists of choice in South Africa!
The three components of our access floor design include:

  • A floor panel: Here at Pentafloor, our floor panels are designed and built to a minimum safety factor of 2.5 x design load. This prevents failure that could lead to injury or massive equipment damage. In short, we have made sure that our floor panels are as sturdy as sturdy can be! Strength is what you can always expect from our floor raised systems!
  • A pedestal: The pedestal is the vertical, adjustable support structure that supplies the base of all access flooring systems. Seeing as though this structure is the support structure, it needs to be the strongest part of the access floor. Here at Pentafloor®, our pedestals are generally stuck to the floor using a specific kind of adhesive and they are manufactured so as to provide the ultimate in reliability.
  • A stringer: The stringer is the horizontal part of the access floors that keeps the pedestals together. The stringer is known for connecting to the pedestal head and is used in order to supply extra reliable lateral support at greater floor height and/or in order to increase the structural performance of the raised floor system in general.

Finding an access floor design that you can count on is as easy as getting in touch with us here at Pentafloor®!

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