The Access Floor Benefits

The access floor from us here at Pentafloor is simply a smart product on so many levels and it comes with so many benefits. In terms of simplicity and effectiveness an access floor tops the charts ahead of all of other products designed to create order and organisations. For any business this product is a must especially in server rooms where cables and wires can become a big problems. This is not only because they create chaotic clutter and mess but also because they get so easily damaged and they are expensive to replace. By keeping the problem stored below a false floor which is raised and has floor access panels you can keep all of those problems at bay.

So there are four main areas of benefits that you get with a Pentafloor access floor, these are organisation, space, safety and cable maintenance. So let me tell you about how the access floor provides you with these benefits.
Firstly organisation is a must in all offices to keep things running the way that they are supposed to and this goes for your cables too. You are able to transform what was once a messy and unorganised wirery nightmare, which no one wanted to deal with. This normally meant the server itself went without any maintenance because no one could get close enough to it without damaging wires. When you install an access floor this problem is completely eradicated as the cables can be untangled and separated depending on colour, function or simply by where they connect to the serve. Suddenly there is peace or order where there was anarchy before.

Secondly, space which is a commodity that is in short supply in most offices especially in young businesses who have not grown to the stature of having a large office with space for cables and employees alike. So by installing an access floor you can move the wires and clutter out of the way and open up a room which was unusable before.  You can now move all of those other large machines like your copiers and printers into that room and out of the way which may even make space for a few more desks in the office itself or perhaps that professional looking reception area you have been dreaming of.

Thirdly, safety is something that no business owner should ever neglect. If one of your employees or perhaps a repair man dares to venture into the entanglement of the wires and cables and trips on one, badly injuring themselves, that is on your head. If any individual is injured due to a situation which the owner of the property did not take measures to prevent, they are then liable for all the damages. Costly legal battles are just not worth it when access floors provide an easy way to remove the hazard of those wires and cable from your server room leaving you with a safe and easy to move in room.

Lastly, and anyone who knows how expensive serves and serve wires and cables are will appreciate this, the life span of both serve and cables is greatly improved when an access floor is used. If cables are simply left lying around, they generate additional heat which is trouble for a serve. These machines have to be kept in cool environments otherwise they over heat and burn out very easily. This is the same for the wires and this has added dangers as very hot wires can melt their plastic coatings. If this happens and two wires touch, you are looking at a very lightly electrical fire which could wipe out your whole office. Because access floors keep the wires separated away from the server the room is far easier to keep cool. The wires too are less lightly to overheat as they can be kept neatly separated in small groups. The one other benefit here is that when you do have to replace or repair cables it is much easier to do so as they are already organised, it is easy to find the one that must be replaced. You simply need to get to them through the floor access panels and separate the old wire and lay in the new one before connecting it to the server.

When you think of all of these benefits why would you even have to think twice about getting an access floor from us at Pentafloor?
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