The Computer Room Flooring Solution

Here at Pentafloor®, we are proud to bring you the innovative for server room flooring: A raised flooring system. Raised flooring is the ultimate solution in flooring for equipment rooms, server rooms, call centres and computer rooms – to name but a few.
We know that your server room can be a nightmare, what with all the electrical equipment and wiring needed as part of the set up. Fortunately, there is now a solution in the form of access raised flooring. What are access floors exactly? A raised floor/access floor typically refers to a type of solid, supported floor structure that relays electrical wiring underneath the surface floor. The benefits of access floors for your server room flooring are numerous, but can mainly be summarised as follows:

  • Safety First: Access flooring for your business or office puts safety first. Having access floors, or more specifically a raised flooring system installed, means that your equipment and server room floors will not be covered in electrical wiring. Having wiring run across your floors is not only unsightly, it is also a safety risk.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Server room flooring, in the form of a raised flooring system, is the cost effective solution to having the same wiring relayed through the walls of your building. The same can be said for such as computer room flooring systems and call centre flooring solutions. Not is access flooring, in general, easier and less expensive to install – but if wiring needs to be adapted or rerouted, this is also more easily done than if the wiring was installed in a solid structure such as a wall.

For more about our raised access solution for server room flooring, or for answers to questions such as ‘Exactly what is raised flooring?’, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Antistatic Floor Mats For Your Server Room

At Pentafloor®, we can also offer you antistatic flooring mats for your server room and other electrical equipment rooms. If you have a substantial amount of electrical equipment in your business or office, you need antistatic floor mats. For one thing, having these floor mats for your business will reduce static electricity that may cause electrical shorts in your server or equipment room. For another, antistatic floor mats can also improve the appearance and general neatness of your server or equipment room. For your electrical room flooring solutions, we should be your go-to supplier and installer.

Our number one priority is to please our clients, and in so doing we ensure that we prove you with a high strength raised flooring system. This is in an effort to be able to guarantee our clients the finest access floors in South Africa. For more about our products, prices and installation please contact us today!
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