Raised server room floor benefits

Creating a safe environment within your offices means having the latest technology by your side. One of the areas that needs to have special attention paid to it, is your server room. Discover raised server room floor benefits that will create the perfect working environment.

Your server room needs to be able to look after very integral parts for your offices. Its main job is to distribute power to racks, data cables and cooling agents. Therefore it is necessary to have some form of technology that can assist in making this happen without interference. This is where the raised floor comes in. A raised floor is a floor that has been designed so as to create a floor on top of the original structured floor that is already in place. This is done by using pedestals, stringers and floor panels, which is why it is known as a raised floor, because it is literally raised. It is extremely important to use this type of technology to your advantage when you have a server room situated in your building. There are five main benefits to having a raised server room floor:

  1. Distribution system for conditioned cold air
  2. Conduits of power cabling
  3. Location to run chilled water and/ or piping
  4. Copper ground grid for grounding of equipment
  5. Tracks, conduits and/or supports for data cabling

All of these elements are extremely important to the smooth functionality of your server room, which is why they need to be protected and placed down properly. The whole reason to have a raised floor is that all of the above elements can be placed underneath it. Creating the space they need to conduct their jobs properly. It is very rare to walk into an offices server room and see cables lying everywhere. This is because it is a necessity to have all of these items hidden from view, for both their safety and yours. If you were to leave this type of cabling exposed it could cause serious damage to one of your employees, either by an electric shock or by simply tripping and falling. This may not sound that serious but in the long run it can cost your company time and money.

The other reason why raised flooring provides server rooms with a better working system, is the fact that you can have access to the elements beneath whenever you need to. Problems will arise unexpectantly and you will need to check the cabling or cooling equipment. This can be easily achieved by simply lifting up the floor panel above the problem area. All of the floor panels that are used to create the flooring can be removed, which is why raised flooring is also known as access flooring. There are a number of different structural elements that need to be taken into consideration to make sure that you get the correct floor for your server room.

Find the raised floor that works for your business

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