Pentafloor®: Access Raised Flooring

What makes using access raised flooring systems such a good idea? Well, the modern office uses a large number of data cables, power cables, telephone cables, plumbing, electricity and air conditioning, right? Not only can this present Health & Safety issues, but also Office Managers can often need to re-arrange the office quickly and easily. Without access raised flooring systems, this can take time and cause a lot of disruption. If you opt for floor access systems, you will enjoy the benefits because they:

  • Allow for piping, ducting, and wiring to run beneath the floor, reducing the risk of accidents in the office.
  • Reduce clutter which, in turn, creates a more productive working atmosphere, further increasing the productivity of your enterprise. 
  • Allow through-the-floor air flow and provide under floor plenum path for return
  • Are modular
  • Removable, easily reconfigured and easily re-arranged

In short, your access raised flooring systems will help to transform your business into a well-oiled machine, will enhance the positive working atmosphere, and will ensure that safety comes first.

Allow the team here at Pentafloor® to supply you with world class access floor systems that have been designed in such a way that they are perfectly suited to enhance the efficiency of your already existing server room flooring. In South Africa, and the rest of the world, Pentafloor is recognised for our outstanding service standards and our equally impressive products. From antistatic floor mats for your business to floor access systems for the computer room flooring, we have all of the things that you need in order to improve the productivity of your business.

Access Floors

Now that we know what access floors can do for you, let us look at what they actually are. What is raised flooring/access floors? In layman’s terms, an access floor system is an elevated floor area upon another floor (typically a concrete slab in a building). The raised access floor consists of 600 x 600mm floor panels, usually produced with steel sheets, welded construction filled with lightweight cement in order to provide a strong, quiet accessible floor structure, that is properly supported by adjustable under structure support pedestals.
More often than not, the raised flooring system is placed as an extended part of computer room flooring. The access floor is used for convenience as it saves space and allows your electrical systems to operate more efficiently and completely undisturbed. Raised access flooring is the true all-round solution as it creates a fully accessible floor void under which all the services within your company can be run, and it allows for the easy re-configuration of any office. Power, telephone and data access points can be mounted directly into raised access floor tiles by the use of floor-boxes.

Want to know more about what access raised flooring systems can do for you? Get in touch with Pentafloor® today!
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