Floors that support today's business environment

Pentafloor®/SolidFeel® Access floors present a practical copportunity to economically accommodate the service distribution changes demanded by today’s workplace. Use of access floors throughout an entire office building is the key – not only to flexibility, but also to the ability to forestall building obsolescence.

Pentafloor®/SolidFeel® Access floors afford building owners and managers the capability to economically respond to tenant turnover, deliver superior flexibility and reduce labour, maintenance and energy costs while improving occupancy health, comfort and productivity.

Credit Contribution

Pentafloor®/SolidFeel® Access flooring can contribute towards achieving credits towards a green building certification:

  • Optimize energy performance
  • Material re use
  • Recycling of access flooring
  • Re use of access flooring components
  • Increases ventilation
  • Thermal comfort
  • Controllability of systems
  • Reduced building height and
  • construction materials
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