Floor Access Systems That Help You Keep Everything In Place

Here at Pentafloor, we want to provide you withthe best storage solutions in the form of our floor access system which the future of storing and maintain your server cables. Today, we want to take the time to provide you with all of the information that you need to know about our floor access systems, and about access floor designs in general. So, before we get down to business, what exactly is a floor access system?

Quite simply, an access floor as a secondary floor panel installed beneath the floor panels of your existing floor which are raised. The wires and cables from your server or any other machine are then stored between these two panels and with removable top panels, there is easy access to them at any time. The wires and cable can be organised and colour codes to easily distinguish between them.

The floor access system is a very simple concept which proves that sometimes to simplest ideas are the most effective. But now you may be wondering what real need is there for this system in your office, well there are several benefits to this access floor system.

Firstly it can greatly improve the safety in your office by helping to avoid unnecessary accidents. We have all seen those server rooms which have cable everywhere which are a hazard to anyone who needs to go in there as it is so easy to trip over the piles of carbs and injure yourself. But with the Pentafloor floor access all the cables are safely beneath the floor making it safer to move around in your server room.

Secondly, when owning or renting large offices is just too expensive, every bit of space that you do have in your smaller office becomes very valuable. By using the Pentafloor access floor system you can make more space in you server room for other machines such as those large printers and copiers. Simply by storing your cables neatly out of the way beneath a floor access panel you are able to effectively store much more in that room.

Thirdly, those server cables are extremely expensive and if one gets damaged due to bad storage it can be quite an extensive cost. If you use the Pentafloor access floor you can keep the cables in a neat protected space where they will not be damaged by employees walking over them, or burning out because of the tangled mass of cables getting to hot. It is easy to store the cables in a way that allows for good air floor beneath the floor panels to ensure they remain cool and do not burn out. If a cable does fail, it is far easier to locate and remove the cable in question. This will cut down maintenance cost extensively as not only will you need to replace fewer cables over time but also by shorting the time it takes to carry out a maintenance job which lowers labour costs.

So when you chose to install an access floor system, these are the main components which will make up the system:

  • A pedestal: The pedestal is the vertical, adjustable support structure that provides the base of all access flooring systems. The pedestals are generally stuck to the floor using a specific kind of adhesive.
  • A floor panel: Here at Pentafloor, our floor panels are designed and built to a minimum safety factor of 2.5 x design load. This prevents failure that could lead to injury or massive equipment damage.
  • A stringer: The stringer is the horizontal part of the access floors that keeps the pedestals together. The stringer is known for connecting to the pedestal head and is used in order to supply extra reliable lateral support at greater floor height and/or in order to increase the structural performance of the raised floor system in general. In shorter terms, the stringer makes the floor access system sturdier and therefore more durable.
Our floor access system is the perfect was to manage and take care of your server wires and cables, so contact us today and let us help you have a safer, neater and more efficient office.
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