Floor Access Systems From Pentafloor®

One of the reasons why we here at Pentafloor® can supply you with the finest floor access systems in the country is the fact that we are partnered with the Shaw Contract Group. Did you know that the Shaw Contract Group is the global provider of carpet, rugs, hardwood, laminate, tile & stone, turf and services for residential and commercial markets? That it is the world’s largest carpet fibre producer? That it enjoys an annual income of $4 billion? Well, the very fact that we at Pentafloor® are partners with this great companies proves that we take the quality of our floor access systems and antistatic floor mats for companies very seriously indeed.
So, why choose a Pentafloor® floor access system to add to your server room flooring? In South Africa, we are known for being the best of the best, providing our clients with service standards and quality floor access systems that simply cannot be matched. Here are just a few more reasons:

  • Our access floor systems have a high strength cement fill, along with special designed high strength steel corners. This gives floor access product by Pentafloor® the best corner panel loading in the industry.
  • Our access floor design is the most widely used panel design in the world with full strength corners where it is needed most, as well as undergoing rigorous performance testing.
  • The point of failure or collapse is the single most important indicator of performance. Be sure to look at the ultimate distributed load and concentrated load value when selecting an access floor panel for your application. However, due consideration most be given to ultimate distributed load and concentrated load.

In short, for floor access systems that will not disappoint, Pentafloor® is the one and only place to be!

Access Raised Flooring

Now that you are aware of the fact that we at Pentafloor® can provide you with the best access raised flooring for your company, let us look at what the access raised flooring is actually made of... what is raised flooring, exactly? An access floor system is basically an elevated floor area upon another floor (typically a concrete slab in a building). The raised access floor consists of 600 x 600mm floor panels, usually produced with steel sheets, welded construction filled with lightweight cement in order to provide a strong, quiet accessible floor structure, that is properly supported by adjustable under structure support pedestals.
There are two main categories of access raised flooring systems- namely partial and full. Partial floor access systems relate mainly to a continuously decked raised floor, formed with
individual panels or boards that are supported on joists or pedestals to suit a determined height. These boards/panels are ‘permanently’ fixed to the means of support and access to the subfloor void can only be performed via a series of hinged/removable traps or hatches, or through a run of removable flooring. Full access floor systems, on the other hand, are formed with individual panels, supported on pedestals to suit a determined height. The raised floor panels are manufactured to a normal size, are removable from their installed position and apart from cut panels, are wholly interchangeable within the installed system.

In South Africa, and the rest of the world, Pentafloor® is recognised for its outstanding service standards and its equally impressive products. Interested in buying an access raised flooring system for your company? Get in touch with us now! Floor access systems from Pentafloor® are always flawless!!
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