Avoid static charges this winter with anti-static mats

The combination of dry hair and fluffy jersey’s in winter normally results in static charges. These static charges are not harmful to you and rather will make you laugh when your hair is standing on end. The only problem is that static charges can also occur in your workplace and this is best avoided.

Static electricity in your workplace can be caused in a similar manner to that when you pull your jersey over your head. Unfortunately, it can be harmful to not only yourself but also your equipment. If you are running a business you will have a server room that houses your mainframe computer. This room will have a lot of wires and cabling, that can create static electricity and charges if it is not designed properly. One of the ways you can do this, is by having access flooring and anti-static mats installed in your server room.

The access flooring will provide you with the space you need to safely secure the cabling of your mainframe computer. This is done by creating a raised floor above the original flooring you have in place. Before the access floor can be put in place, the anti-static mats will need to be put onto the original flooring. An anti-static mat has a controlled low resistance which will help to prevent the static charges. The mat needs to be grounded (earthed) in order to accomplish this, and is therefore normally plugged into an electrical outlet. Once the mat has been plugged in, it is imperative to discharge at a low rate. The anti-static mat is essential if you want to protect your equipment and your employees from static electricity and static charges. The static electricity that comes from a mainframe computer is definitely not in the same caliber as what you can create by rubbing a balloon against your head. Instead of looking like a crazy inventor for a few moments, you could end up with burns and fried hair, which is why it is best to avoid this at all costs.

Once you have installed the anti-static mats you will need to make sure that you protect them. The access flooring will help you to achieve this as well as keeping all of your other cabling safe. The access floor is built above the original floor in your server room, the cables and anti-static mat will be secured down and hidden from view under the access flooring. Were you to run into any trouble with the anti-static mat or cabling, you can simple lift up one of the floor panels on your access flooring to check and fix the problem. You can have a safer more practical server room by implementing these two solutions.

Who can I trust to install access flooring in my server room?

Here at Pentafloor we can provide you with the access flooring you can rely on. With many years in the industry, we have been in charge of some extremely large projects and always have an original solution for each business. For more information on our products and services you can visit our website www.pentafloor.co.za.

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