An Access Floor is Essential

The fact of the matter is that a professional company should have a professional access floor. Few things are less appealing to a potential customer than to walk into office space only to find cables and unprotected mechanics lying around. Yes there are some who might look at the situation and think “well there are numerous safety hazards around the place but I bet that doesn’t impair their ability with respects to what they do”. In business first impressions are everything and the discerning customer will run for hills more often than not when confronted with unprofessional looking surroundings.

Why do I need an access floor?

From an early age most of us will recall times where our “nagging” parents would force us to clean our rooms incessantly. What we didn’t know at that stage was that tidiness and being presentable would go a long way in securing valuable relationships in life. Pentafloor understands the needs of our customers and this is the very reason we have spent so much of our valuable resources on reinvestment and development. Our access floor have caused waves of admiration since their initial appearance. With the quality of our workmanship going from strength to strength those that choose Pentafloor choose to work with the undisputed kings of access floors!

So who needs floor access systems? Floor access systems are a valuable addition to any business entity or service provider with cables and naked mechanics in and around same areas where customers and employees are. Apart from being an obvious safety hazard failure to secure an effective floor access system could have highly uncompromising consequences for your company with respects to productivity.

Our access flooring is designed to meet the most demanding of new building or refurbishment instructions.  We have proven ourselves to be a cost effective and flexible solution to all your access flooring needs. Whether for commercial offices, hospitals, IT servers or reception areas, there is a Pentafloor, access floor solution, for every raised flooring problem.

Access flooring is safe and easily accessible

Temperature control is a much underrated aspect of having your floor raised to accommodate access floor systems. Hardware is often most effective when it immersed in an environment where the temperature is controlled and constant for it to function to the best of its ability. This is also extremely complementary to its long term durability. Maintenance is no problem at all with our systems as they allow easy access.

Everything from our pricing to the all-round longevity of our workmanship is intended to represent an investment. Our customers enjoy a level of satisfaction far above anything they ever thought possible. For more information on one or more of the above mentioned services please feel free to contact us today!
Pentafloor can install every kind of floor access necessary to give you optimum accessibility to your cables and wiring with a seamless finish to all our work, our good reputation and world renowned bears witness to this fact.

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