An access floor after a simple gaze

What will a simple gaze tell you about a well-made access floor? Well very little, because a well-made access floor is likely to be something that is fairly inconspicuous and few access floors are as “covert” as ours.

Floor access systems are subtle not in their functionality but rather in their appearance. They provide the illusion that your offices or place of work doesn’t have hundreds perhaps thousands of metres of wires and cables running your state of the art hardware systems. Well-made floor access systems make life more tenable they provide employees of companies the peace of mind to go about their tasks and assignments without the clutter and mess caused by hardware systems on top of each other and cables tripping Peter and John.

We have come a long way

Our work has carried us far and wide. Not only is work renowned locally, but there are international customers who will swear by the effectiveness of our innovative set ups. If you have heard whispers and rumours of our industry leading systems, let us clear the air and confirm them as true! Our company’s strength is having the experience to cater to customers across market sectors. This has forced us to come prepared and equipped to handle the demands of all of our valued customers. on an initial basis, this may seem like an easy task but it is important to remember we not only have to adapt to the dimensions of a room and the existing equipment inside it, but we also have to make allowances for the equipment going into our custom made floor access systems.

A cherished skill

One of our most cherished skills is the ability to have a customer’s floor raised to accommodate their cables and hardware. This approach would provide housing for their hardware keeping it safe from clumsy employees, elements such as water and coffee in the office as well as provide an environment where its temperature can be regulated and controlled. Temperature regulation may have more than just one benefit. For one, the hardware being placed in a controlled environment would have the benefit of running in an optimal environment preventing things like overheating. Another benefit is that the hardware would not influence the rest of the room making an unsound working environment. Whilst we are on the subject on temperature control our systems can also be used to house the working parts of air conditioners!

Typically our services are common amongst data centres and IT businesses that demand housing for mountains of cables and hardware but we are flexible and open to assist those custom jobs. Anywhere our expertise and skills can help is a place we’d like to be so why not contact us sooner rather than later!

Contact us

When you have to tidy up your office and work areas, the only problem free solution would be to do this is with an access floor.  An access floor does not need a lot of room; in a few inches, we can create a suitably raised floor to house all your cabling and wiring problems. So, remember Pentafloor when your need access flooring installed.
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