Floor Access Systems: All You Need to Know

Welcome to Pentafloor®! Today, we want to take the time to provide you with all of the information that you need to know about our floor access systems, and about access floor designs in general. So, before we get down to business, what exactly IS a floor access system? According to wisegeek.com:

Raised flooring is used in a variety of applications when ready access to conduits which run under the floor is needed. Usually, the flooring system consists of a series of tiles laid into a grid supported by pillars and beams. Raised flooring is frequently used in data centres so that cabling can be run under the easily lifted floor panels. Some homes are also being sold with heating and cooling systems embedded under raised flooring. Not only is this more efficient, but it becomes much easier to service these systems when it is needed. There are a few things to take into consideration when installing raised flooring to consider whether or not it is appropriate for the intended application. (http://www.wisegeek.com/what-should-i-consider-when-installing-raised-flooring.htm)

One of the most frequently asked questions about our floor access systems here at Pentafloor®, is what does and access flooring system consist of? Generally, when it comes to the design of access flooring, there are three main components. These compnenets include:

  • A pedestal: The pedestal is the vertical, adjustable support structure that provides the base of all access flooring systems. The pedestals are generally stuck to the floor using a specific kind of adhesive.
  • A floor panel: Here at Pentafloor®, our floor panels are designed and built to a minimum safety factor of 2.5 x design load. This prevents failure that could lead to injury or massive equipment damage.
  • A stringer: The stringer is the horizontal part of the access floors that keeps the pedestals together. The stringer is known for connecting to the pedestal head and is used in order to supply extra reliable lateral support at greater floor height and/or in order to increase the structural performance of the raised floor system in general. In shorter terms, the stringer makes the floor access system more sturdy and therefore more durable.

Another question that our clients ask us is why access floors are such wonderful solutions. Here are just a few benefits that you can expect to enjoy when you install floor raised systems in YOUR server room:

  • Improved space: Despite the fact that wires and cables are thin, when there are so many of them, they tend to take up valuable space. If you want to create extra space within your server room, an access floor is a wonderful solution for you to consider.
  • No mess or chaos: let’s face it – wires and cables that are simple lying tangled and strewn across the floor do not create the tidiest of atmospheres. Seeing as though access floors make it possible for you to store your wires and cables below floor level, you can enjoy a much neater server room.
  • Better safety: Unkempt wires and cables are a serious safety hazard. They can cause dangerous shocks and they can be responsible for starting a fire. Improve your company’s safety immediately with the help of floor access systems from Pentafloor®
  • Easy organisation: The key to a successful business or company lies in the quality of organisation that occurs. When things are well organised, the business will flow better and more efficiently in general. Floor access systems make it so much easier to keep wires and cables properly organised.
If you have any other questions about access flooring systems in general, or if you would like to place an order with us, please always feel free to contact us now to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Here, access flooring solutions are our specialty and your satisfaction is our number one priority!
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