Access Floors: The Importance of High Strength Corners

If you want to assess the quality of access floors/access raised flooring in your office, then you should look at the quality of the corners before you do anything else. High strength corners are a necessity for all access floors for server room flooring. Here at Pentafloor®, our access floors are actually famous world wide for their high strength corners and durability - durability that very few other types of floor access systems will be able to match.

Here at Pentafloor®, our access floor panels come with 90 degree drawn steel beam corners, filled with high strength cement for high strength that cannot be ignored! Any load placed on the access floor panel will be transferred to the panel corners before travelling through the pedestals to the sub floor. This means that our access floors/access raised flooring for computer room flooring offer you the finest in terms of reliability and durability. 

Even though our deep drawn beam corner is a difficult manufacturing process, it is done in order to achieve the ultimate loading capacity necessary for all of our access floors. We do it so that we can guarantee our clients the best access floors in town! The high strength corners of the access floors help to effectively prevent upward bending of corners or dishing of panels. Cement is injected by a high pressure pump in order to properly ensure complete saturation of the access floor panel. The Strength of the corner areas of the access floor panel is the ultimate determining factor for an excellent access raised flooring system.

Access Raised Flooring System

What is an access raised flooring system? What is raised flooring for? An access raised flooring system is ideal for computer room flooring in the office and was developed to provide the following:

  • Tracks, conduits, and/or supports for data cabling
  • Conduits for power cabling
  • A copper ground grid for grounding of equipment
  • A distribution system for conditioned cold air
  • A location to run chilled water and/or other piping

Did you know that, here at Pentafloor®, our access raised flooring system is made using the most widely used panel design in the world with full strength corners where full strength is needed most. Our access raised flooring system is manufactured in such a way that it can carry almost any load. The access floors that we provide also go through rigorous performance testing to ensure the ultimate in quality and durability for the end user.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of using a Pentafloor® access raised flooring system or antistatic floor mats for the office? If so, then please always feel free to get in touch with us.
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