Access Floors for Easy Wire Management

Access floor systems need to be manufactured to strict quality standards because of the nature of what is held under and above them. Fortunately, Pentafloor® is the leading access flooring company in South Africa with floors produced in an ISO 9001 certified production facility.

When it comes to providing the right access floor system for you, no operation size or site hassle is a match for our Pentafloor® solutions. Before we get into the details, what exactly is an access floor and what is an access floor system used for? Access floors, as the name suggests, are floors designed for quick and easy access of an under-floor arrangement of your choosing. The access floor itself is constructed by placing raised floor panels manufactured with steel sheets atop another floor in a building. It is supported and elevated by an adjustable under-structure of pedestals and together components of concrete, lightweight cement and steel form a floor structure for access to the components below.

The components you house underneath can include any of the following:

  • Electric Power Cables.
  • Data.
  • Telecom/voice.
  • Environmental Control and Air Conditioning.
  • Fire Detection and Suppression and more.

Since the floor is raised and can be lifted, the irritation involved in reconfiguring work spaces is kept to a minimum. We understand that no two businesses are the same and so no two access floors will fulfil their purpose in the same way. It is for this reason that we have designed an extensive range of panels and under-structure systems that can be applied specifically to your unique requirements. In addition, cluttering is reduced because even if you do not wish to gain easy access, all ducting, piping and wiring can run beneath the floor and out of sight.

Even in office applications, for example, the floor is sturdy and can support all above-floor equipment while the corresponding wiring and clutter is housed beneath the grill-like system. You retain your professional image and organisational schematic in the office while we undertake everything by way of access floors for you. To indicate what we mean when we say that no size or weight of operations on our superior quality floors is too much, we have embarked on an OutSurance Call Centre project of 15 000 square metres in total. This flooring is being used by the call centre for cabling that runs beneath, but they can still rest assured in the safety of their above-floor people and equipment thanks to our 90 degree drawn steel beam corners filled with high strength cement. 

The buck does not stop in South Africa: Did you know that we also operate in all of the following countries worldwide?

Austria and Algeria, Belgium and Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland and France, Germany and Greece, Hungary, Ireland and Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Libya and Luxembourg, Malta and Morocco, The Netherlands, Poland and Portugal, Romania, Russia and Reunion, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain and Sweden, The UK

There is truly no location or application for which an access floor system cannot be provided by Pentafloor®. Contact us today!

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