Access Floor is the way to go

Have you ever walked into an office space with a desktop computer at almost every desk yet there is an apparent lack of cables in and around the office? In such cases it’s likely the company have what we call access floors. Access floor are exceptionally useful in office spaces requiring protected spaces for cabling and mechanical accessories. Typically speaking an access floor is a raised floor above a solid substrate built to house cables and other mechanical implements for company such as those that deal with:

  • Computers-it is never just the computer themselves we need to worry when attempting to create a flawless network. The computers need to communicate with each other using a plethora of cables and it doesn’t end there. These computers will also need to link to several accessories such as printers! This can make for hundreds of metres of cabling that simply needs to be concealed in order for your establishment to appear professional and be presentable.
  • Data preservation-companies that have been tasked with the responsibility of collecting and dealing large amounts of digital data will almost certainly have a copious amount of cables and hardware to house. Our industry leading access floors will ensure that your systems are kept from sight in a neat and well organised area.
  • Communications-communications companies will be no strangers to large amounts of wires and cables and the employment of our services will have you wondering why you hadn’t considered us sooner!

How does this system work?

Floor access systems serve multiple purposes these include:

  • Concealment-keeping all of that confusing cabling from sight will allow a company to get on with the task at hand without having to worry about tripping and falling over loose cables in and around the office.
  • Protection-our floor access system are covered meaning a company would be safe from careless employees spilling water on expensive equipment. Others may unintentionally tug, pull and trip over cables that may end up costing an arm and a leg to replace. Protection is also closely linked to our next point.
  • Ease of maintenance-if your equipment is afforded the opportunity to lie where it’s cool and safe then chances are that it is going to last you a lot longer!

How disruptive will this process be?
Our systems are very easily implemented through the use of having your floor raised by our highly skilled team of workmen. Our work is meticulous and our floor access systems also allow for easy access when maintenance needs arise! We have grown from strength to strength providing systems our customers have had nothing but praise for. To find our more please contact us today and we will gladly survey the dynamics of your building to furnish you with the access floor you deserve!
Pentafloor can install every kind of floor access necessary to give you optimum accessibility to your cables and wiring with a seamless finish to all our work, our good reputation and world renowned bears witness to this fact.

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