Tips on how to care for your commercial office tiles

Commercial office tiles are fast becoming the more popular choice of flooring for businesses for many different reasons. After the purchase and installation of the office tiles and as the years go by, you need to know how to keep your carpet tiles looking as good as new. Caring for commercial office tiles does not need to be the chore that it seems it can be. Find out why more businesses are choosing commercial office tiles as their flooring choice and how to keep them looking as good as the day that they were installed.
The key benefits of commercial carpet tiles include:

  • Relatively low purchase and installation costs compared to many other types of flooring
  • Durability
  • Sustainability – today’s carpet tiles are made often made out of recycled materials
  • Ease of removal and replacement. If an area becomes excessively soiled or worn, one or more tiles can simply be removed and replaced

Carpet tiles, do however, require some special care. After all, caring for commercial carpet tiles is what will add to the durability and sustainability of the tiles. Here are some tips on how to care for peel-and-stick, glued and similar types of carpet tiles:

  • Regular effective vacuuming is essential. Vacuuming removes soils and also helps in reducing the “flattening” of the tiles
  • Spills should be cleaned quickly. First blot the area with a clean, white cloth; semi-solid spills should be scraped up first before blotting
  • Spots should be removed as soon as they are noticed. Many of the spotting products used on conventional carpets can also be used on carpet tiles. As with all carpets, hot water extraction is required periodically to deep clean carpet tiles

What NOT to do when cleaning carpet tiles

Caring for commercial carpet tiles is as easy as one; two; three as long as you make sure that you stick to the proper cleaning procedures! What you must NOT do is use a wet vacuum or steam clean carpet tiles. The moisture will loosen the glue on the carpet tile which lands up with the carpet tiles peeling away from the flooring. You could land up with an expensive problem on your hands as you will have to replace carpet tiles.
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