The truth behind raised flooring systems

Discover the truth behind raised flooring systems and why they are still necessary. There are many areas in your building that you might not realise actually hide some secrets. This is because the walls and the flooring are hiding them from view. This is exactly the purpose of raised flooring systems, they help to keep your skeletons in the closet, so to speak.

For years raised flooring systems have been used to make sure that certain aspects of a building remain hidden. This is often because they are either dangerous or precious. Either way they should not be on show for the world to see. In fact the first ever raised floor was invented for IBM. They first wanted a platform built to put their main frame computer on in order to keep the cables off, of the floor. However, it soon became apparent that this was not going to work. This was when the idea of putting the cabling underneath the floor was introduced, and thus the raised floor was born. Since then it has been a necessity for businesses, especially in their server rooms. Now the cabling can be secured out of the way, labelled properly and help the whole operation to work cohesively.

The next aspect about raised floors, is that they do in fact increase the safety around the office. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. They are more likely to happen if you have allowed your cables to be tangled up with one another. Especially when they are slightly damaged, you may not be able to see this because of the messy pile they are in. The next thing you know a problem arises and one of your employees needs to check out the situation. While doing so they get electrocuted and sent to the hospital with minor burns on their fingers and a new hairstyle. This might be around the time that they also decide to lay a liability claim against you and your company. This is a hair rising situation in more ways than one. The truth is that having a raised floor installed from the outset would have helped you to avoid this situation and becoming known as the boss that “shocks” his employees till the get the work done. A bad reputation is never good in business.

Do not recycle raised flooring

Another “truth” about raised flooring that is important to note is that it cannot be recycled. Although it is important for everyone to do their part towards helping the environment this is one instance where you should steer clear of a green lifestyle. Raised flooring is firstly, designed specifically for individual projects, it cannot be copied and pasted into your offices. Secondly, it could be extremely old and damaged, causing another health and safety issue.

If you want to get a raised floor installed, then you will need to get your very own one designed and that means coming to us at Penta Floor. Visit our website to see all of the successful projects that we have been a part of.

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