Recreate your office space with decorative commercial carpet tiles

Your office space needs an upgrade. Besides buying new furniture and painting you also need to consider updating the flooring in your office. Carpet tiles are very popular and add to the ambience of a space. Instead of having normal tiles on your floors, consider decorative commercial carpet tiles. Compared to 15 years ago, carpet tiles are no longer available in only three colours and one pattern. With more businesses choosing to have carpet tiles fitted in their offices, carpet tiles have moved towards a more decorative approach allowing consumers to choose from a wide range of patterns and colours.

Before laying your decorative commercial carpet tiles, you need to decide on the look and feel of the office space that you want to create. Perhaps your office building itself has a lot of windows and steel – then you would choose a carpet tile that has a more industrial look and that is dark grey in colour. The design on the tiles themselves can be staggered ie dark and light grey on one carpet tile or it can remain as one colour. If your office walls and furniture have a more modern, almost vinyl feel to it, choose alternating colours and in a hexagonal design. Bright orange, red and green are popular colours to mix with light grey and white plain carpet tiles to bring a warm feel to the office space.

Shaw Carpeting Group are the leaders in carpet tiles for office spaces. From production to installation, Shaw Carpeting Group are sure to have just the right decorative commercial carpet tiles for your office space. Try and add a bit of spice to your accounting office by having carpet tiles with numbers on them in different shapes and sizes. With a light tile basic colour and darker numbers on the tiles, your office space will look modern and quirky. With a wide range of carpet tiles on offer by Shaw Carpeting Group, your office space will be the talk of the office park.


Decorative commercial carpet tiles have never looked so good! Shaw Carpeting Group can offer you a wide choice of carpet tiles and here are just a few:

  • Diffuse – Movement.
  • Transparent – Blue Moon.
  • Transparent – Oxide
  • Luminosity – Tahitian Pearls
  • Peto Intrinsic – Tarmac

With the introduction of the Pap Craft range, Shaw Carpeting Group have made decorative commercial carpet tiles the flooring choice for every office space. From funky to elegant, you will find the carpet tile to suite you!
Can carpet tiles work in conjuction with access flooring?
Access flooring was designed with providing businesses with flooring that will hide and keep your computer cabling and other piping safe. By covering your access flooring with carpet tiles, you will add a different dimension to your flooring.
As the stockist of choice for the Shaw Carpeting Group, Penta Floor is the company of choice for your flooring needs. Penta Floor offers a wide range of access flooring and carpet tiles. To view the ranges on offer, visit their website

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