Key components of access flooring

Getting the right solution for your flooring needs can be difficult when you are not sure what to expect. This is why it is important to understand the key components of access flooring before getting one installed.
There are a few components that are used in order to create access flooring. These components all work together in order to create a safe and reliable access floor. The three components are:

  • Floor panels: certainly an important aspect. The floor panel is used to create the final flooring within the room. The great thing about floor panels is that you are able to remove them to get access to what is underneath. Which is one of the reasons why access flooring is a popular choice within the professional fields.
  • Pedestal: this is the supporting structure for the raised flooring panels. It will be placed and secured onto the sub floor. This is normally done by using an epoxy resins based adhesive. The pedestal can be adjusted to the needs of the height of the flooring and will also provide a head for the panel location.
  • Stringer: without the stringer the pedestals would not be able to function properly. It connects to the pedestal head to create more support to the flooring. In essence it helps to create a more structural performance for the raised floor system.

Now that you know about the three components, you will want to find out exactly what the purpose of access flooring is. Well it is quite simple really, it is a floor above a floor. Which comes in extremely handy for a number of different reasons. 

What is the purpose of an access floor?

The access floor can provide your company with protection. There are a number of different elements that go into creating a building. This will include pipes and cabling to name but a few. In order for these items to protected, they need to be secured properly and remain out of view. This is where the access flooring comes in. By using an access floor you can protect all of these items, while at the same time having access to them when needs be. The access floor is normally used to cover the following:

  • Data
  • Telecommunication cabling
  • Fire detection and suppressions
  • Security
  • Water and drainage
  • Electric power
  • Computer cabling

It is an essential item to have in your offices if you want these items to be safe at all times. The other lesser known benefit to having access flooring, is for creating different levels with the flooring. The same principals apply in the creation of the flooring except that the pedestals will be longer to ensure the different heights. This is the perfect solution for a company that needs a seminar room. All you need to do is get an access floor installed, it will create the different levels that you need for the seating, while keeping all of the elements like cabling, safe.

Flooring that you can rely on

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