How a raised floor could be the solution for your offices

There are many ways in which you can improve your office space, one of these is a raised floor. Discover how a raised floor could be the solution for your offices. Improving your office could be as simple as adding this fantastic piece of flooring technology.

There are a number of different ways in which a raised floor can be used to better your office. The first and probably most important way in which they are used, are to create a space to keep all of your cables and piping. When you look at a building after completion, everything is perfect. There are no cables showing or pipes exposed. This is mainly to do with the raised floor. It creates a space between the original concrete structure of the building and what will be the actual flooring. This is done by using floor panels that are held up with pedestals and stringers. The space that is created allows for all of your important cabling and pipes to be secured safely and out of view. You have probably walked on top of the floors in many offices and not even realised that they are hiding this little secret. The area that is created is also ideal for creating extra air flow. This allows for whatever is placed under the floor to remain cool. This is especially important when using this technology in the main server room of your offices. In fact, this was the main reason why a raised floor was invented. IBM was looking for a way to keep their cabling safe and out of the way. This was when the first official raised floor was commissioned and put into action. Since then it has become a necessity for all businesses.

The second way in which this technology can assist your office, is providing you with the opportunity to create your very own seminar room. Due to the fact that the pedestals come in different heights, it is possible to create a floor that is staggered. Allowing you to create raised seating for your employees. It will look like the seating you can expect to find a lecture hall at university. Providing each member of staff the opportunity to view the entire presentation in comfort. The idea of a seminar room may not appeal to you now, but after your 10th cramped session around a table you may choose to reconsider. It provides you with a space for a professional presentation to be conducted every single time. The space that is created underneath the staggered seating can also be used for storage, so that you use the room to its full potential.

Is it easy to install a raised floor?

Installing a raised floor is a relatively simple process. However, it needs to be taken on by the professionals. Here at Penta Floor we know how important it is to be careful when installing the floor. You need to make sure that everything is in place and safe. For more information on our services visit our website

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