Access flooring systems can complement your office space

Access flooring systems can complement your office space in more ways than one. You may not realise this, but access flooring systems are the answer to all of your cabling woes and so much more. You can create the perfect office space by simply understanding this technology.

If you are in the process of doing upgrades than you need to understand how important this technology is. Consider the space/area that you are busy doing the design plan for, what cabling, piping and data networks does it need? Where are you planning on putting all of them? Some of these important structural elements can be placed in the walls of the building, however, a lot will need to be placed on the floor. This can cause, what is better known as, spaghetti cabling. Cabling that is so mixed together that it resembles a bowel of pasta and makes your job extremely difficult. This is where access flooring systems can complement your office space.

Imagine now, that all you see around you is bare floors and a neat area. Where did all the cabling go? Under the floor panels. The access floor is used to do just this, create a space to hide and keep safe all of these important elements. This is why it is also known as a raised floor. During the construction the raised floor will be built on top of the existing original concrete floor. This is only done once all of the piping, cabling etc. has been placed down and secured. It is also a good idea to label everything, so that if a problem were to arise you can find the correct one quickly. The pedestal and stringer are then put together above of the original floor. Then the floor panels are placed on top. It is as simple as that. Now you can rest assured that you cabling is not only safe and secure but also easy to get to in case of an emergency. All of the floor panels can be removed/lifted up in those circumstances, hence the name, access flooring.

The other way in which it can complement your office space is with the designs that are available for it. Floor panels do not have to be drab and boring. Some companies even align themselves with others that specialise in carpeting. Your design aesthetics do not need to be compromised because you are installing sensible technology. You are bound to find a design that suits your company’s personality. There is absolutely no reason to not consider including the access floor into your design plans for your new office space.

Deciding on the overall design

Deciding on the overall design is possible when you come to us at Penta Floor. We do not believe in making boring flooring and have aligned ourselves with Shaw carpets. To find out more about our services as well as their designs visit our website We can give you the best of both worlds.

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